Talview video assessment platform is the only truly enterprise video interview platform available for customers today.

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Talview video assessment platform is the only truly enterprise video interview platform available for customers today. Following features make it unique.

Completely configurable assessment workflows

As a large organization you might follow different processes while hiring for different businesses, teams or geographies. Talview provides you the provision to configure the assessment process flow as per requirement for each category. This means that for some businesses you can have video interview as the first round while some can have written objective assessments. Some teams can have only 2 rounds of assessment while some can have 4 rounds. Each of these can be pre-configured so that all your recruiter needs to do is select the position he wants to hire for, select the candidates who have been lined up and send invites. System takes care of rest of the processes.

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Completely configurable section workflows

Talview gives you complete flexibility in the way sections are managed within an assessment. It has provisions to allow rule-based transition between sections including parallel sections. This means that while a candidate who gets 75 percentile score in a section can be taken to next section while for a candidate with 40 percentile score the assessment can be wrapped up after the current section. The same way a candidate in China, to check proficiency in local language, can have different Section B while a candidate in North America can have a different Section B while all other sections in the assessment remains the same.

Full fledged user management with access restrictions

In Talview you can restrict user permissions based on their role, team or location as per business requirement. You can also configure super users with much larger permissions than regular recruiters or panel members. This helps you to limit how much information each user can see whether it is the question database, position list or candidate funnel ensuring that even in very large organizations the recruiters are not deluged with information which is not relevant in their accounts. This also enhances the user experience multi-fold.

Multi-language support

Talview offers multi-language support, which ensures that companies having operations across the globe can have all their recruiters using Talview in the language of their choice.


Talview can be integrated with existing Applicant tracking systems, Human resource management systems or Candidate relationship management system easily. We also provide integrations with leading Assessment players so that you can access ready-made assessments of your choice.

MIS reports

Talview has detailed MIS reports, which help organizations track performances, processes, usage patterns, best practices and returns on various investments recruitment makes from time to time. Reports are configurable to suit various use cases based on organization requirement.

Notifications which support Email, SMS and IVR

Notification module in Talview has complete provision for the recruiter to schedule and manage multiple forms of notifications for candidates and panel members. Combination of various formats of notifications helps recruiter to manage follow-ups and conversions effectively.