Live Interviews

Talview Live Interview Platform seamlessly engages a face-to-face conversation between the panel and candidate irrespective of their location.
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Engage seamlessly through Live Interview without any barriers


Live Interviews Anywhere

Talview Live Interview tool seamlessly engages a face-to-face conversation. Built with advanced customizable evaluation form to rate candidates based on their performance and allow them to update status once the video interview is complete.

Record Live Interview Sessions

With Talview, recruiters can record live interview sessions. Recorded video interviews can be shared and even maintain it for Stereolithography (SLA) or audit purpose. It comprises of all the activities including video & time logs, chat history and more.

Ease of Scheduling and Notification

Talview's built-in feature enable recruiters to schedule the interview, invite, notify and record video interviews as per their requirement. It also features a multi-panel support, candidate rating tools, evaluation form, whiteboard for code tests , etc.

Live Interview on Multiple Platforms

Talview Live Interview is built for multiple platforms viz. web, android and iOS. Recruiters and candidates now have the flexibility of using either a smartphone, tablet, or a laptop for asynchronous , live interviews without any barriers.