Convenient Anytime Anywhere

Engage candidates who are on the move

Talview Candidate App

This tailor-made app is an effortless interviewing experience for a candidate. Talview's video interview app let's candidate showcase the best in them, irrespective of where they are; in vacation, on the move, or taking a break from work. Available on both iOS and Android devices.

Talview candidate app supports two types of assessment
1. Asynchronous or Automated Video Interviews
2. Video Proctored Objective Test (Multiple Choice Questions)

Talview Live

With the Talview Live app, employers and job candidates can now meet face-to-face from their smartphones. It lets you attend an interview from anywhere when invited by an employer without any geographical barriers.

This app is currently available only on Android devices.

Google Play Store


  • Lightweight app consuming less data

  • Practice Assessment to get familiar

  • QR Code Reader for instant access

  • Application forms with inbuilt doc scanner

  • Test hardware and environment

  • Support multiple question formats

  • Contact 24x7 Support from app

  • Video Proctored Written Tests


  • Engage candidates who are on the move

  • Reach even mobile or tablet only users

  • Enhance candidate experience

  • Showcase as a tech savvy employer

  • Fast, secure and reliable

  • Works even on 2G or GPRS network

  • Works on basic smartphones too

  • Shorten response time