Brand Imprinting for engaging and attracting the best talent across the globe

Branding for Talent Engagement

Brand management includes handling both the noticeable and intangible characteristics of a brand. Branding also involves assembling a blend of the right marketing campaigns to create and reinforce company’s identity.Standing out among competitors is one thing and establishing a company’s repute as a good place to work at is another.

Talview provides a list of unique features integrated into the Assessment Platform to provide companies with brand identity required to get the right among candidates. Our Creative Design team will understand organization’s requirements and prepare a suite of collaterals for brand imprinting among the candidates and competitors.

employer branidng

Strategic Branding Services

Personalized Assessment Platform

Customize assessment platform as per your requirement and showcase your company as well known brand that will help in building a proper base.

Build Company Awareness and Branding

Option for streaming videos, adding banners, and company’s site links before or after the assessment for higher visibility.

Understand Candidates Needs

Allows customization of email templates to suite specific needs and for better understanding. Also, candidate experience surveys.