Extensive training on Assessment Platforms for better understanding

Application Training

Talview thinks, it’s vital to be by the side of a user, for when they need any support. One understands better when a subject matter expert trains on a particular aspect. Talview has put together the best training team to walk businesses through the assessment platform.

To kickstart with Talview’s app, the training team provides an intense training to candidates and clients. They also provide with a manual and help text for initial training. Furthermore, Talview offers onsite training during campus or job fairs.


Knowledge Base Delegation

Insights to modern talent acquisition strategies across sectors and geographies to help organizations stand out from the rest.

Refresher Training

Team members keep changing as they take up new roles, Talview helps them to overcome this with a variety of training sessions.

Contextual Help

Organizations might require further assistance in some of the aspects that are critical. Hence we provide support throughout the journey.