Education, Training & Certification

To protect the academic integrity of e-learning or to certify a learner you often have to book test centres and invigilators which is expensive and cumbersome for the candidates. Talview’s Certification and Training solution provides a safe environment through advanced automated proctoring, robust assessment engine, video interviews and psychometric tests.


Ensure the authenticity of the candidate’s knowledge and avoid impersonation during online tests through various Talview proctoring mechanisms.


A job competency report that leverages psycholinguistics to analyze candidate's audio-visual and written responses and to recognize behavior fitment.

live Interview

Talview Live Interview Platform seamlessly engages a face-to-face conversation between the panel and candidate irrespective of their location.


Use asynchronous or automated video interviews to screen candidates online and shortlist first look fits without travelling or scheduling conflicts.

live Interview

It is a secure test engine that provides an online proctored platform for you to assess the candidate’s caliber through different tests. See how you can use Talview assessments to find the best Talent.