Talview Talent Engagement Platform comes with various tools and options to engage candidates during, before and after the assessments.

Talent Engagement

Attract and engage talent when it matters the most

Employer branding

Represent Company Values

Talview Talent Engagement platform incorporate employer branding, talent management, search and acquisition that will help employers to attract top talent by showcasing company’s work culture and values to prospective employees. Broadcast let's you live stream videos and audio to your candidates in the pipeline enabling you to engage and pique interest in them.

Engage Candidates at the Right Time

The best candidates are the ones you reach out to and there is no better time to engage, attract and positively influence them to join your company than when they are giving video interviews , that tend to have an immense effect. Notify lets you send multiple emails to candidates in pipeline. Let's you keep a track of all the emails sent to the the candidates in a single platform.

Social Media Recruitment for Wider Reach

Talview Talent Engagement platform is a html 5 compliant that makes it easier for organizations to integrate with various social media networks viz. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It also helps in employer branding for influencing top talents to join your company.

Grab Maximum Attention

Our Talent Engagement Platform help employers to grab maximum attention of prospective employees when they are most active. Talview provides various options for engaging the talent during the assessments or video interviews.