Talview Talent Insights

It is the world’s first hiring solution that harnesses the power of advanced data science and machine learning algorithms, video-audio analysis, social media analytics, psycholinguistics and speech recognition.
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A Futuristic Tool that Leverages Cutting-Edge Video Technology


World’s First Idiosyncratic Talent Insights

Talview Talent Insights as a tool understands the line manager’s needs by looking for profiles over multifarious channels. It breaks down the job description and candidate's skills/professional experience in question. Once the initial shortlists are chosen, Talview Candidate Insights leverages industry-best video interview capability and digital foot-printing tool to provide an insight into his/her personality attributes. There are based on industry validated Big Five Model, Intrinsic Needs & Values, body language, and communication.

Talview Talent Insights zeros in on the attributes the employers are looking for and match those against every applicant there is; returns with candidates who are best fit for the role in a multi-quadrant format. Thus, providing organizations with a candidate pipeline that has the right characteristics and matches the critical positions helping them build competitive advantage.

What makes Talview Talent Insights unique and accurate?

This tool goes through a multi-layered process to arrive at a recommended list of candidates. The process levarages methods such as speech recognition, sentiment analysis, emotional analysis, psycho-linguistics, tone analysis, emotion recognition, pattern recognition, concept tagging, relation extraction, and multi-objective optimization among others. More importantly it leverages Talview's experience of helping the best organizations across the globe to screen and select more than a million candidates through its video interview platform.

Advantages of Using Talview Talent Insights

Talview Talent Insights is a futuristic hiring tool that redefines hiring to help discover the candidate. This Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning powered tool helps companies gain competitive advantage by building better teams faster than competition. Talent Insights has capabilities to reduce time to hire by upto 75%, increase quality of hire by 30-40% and reduce resource requirement by 60%.