DAY 1-5

Ask for a Talview Demo

You've done your bit, now we will show you why Talview is the best, cost efficient and
the most intelligent video interviewing solution out there.

Decide to Use Talview

Talview's robust technology, stellar hiring metrics, and simple platform is everything you need to build a strong workforce.


Pricing Plan to Suit Your Requirement

We have three elaborate pricing plans for you to choose from.These are structured to suit the requirements based on the strength of your business.

DAY 7-10

Kick Start Your Hiring In Less Than Five Minutes

Your account will be made active for configuring assessments.

DAY 11


Talview team will provide you with initial training to master the platform in finding quality candidates in lesser time.

DAY 12

Branding for Engagement

While you train on using Talview platform, we will set up the platform to include your logo in the platform so you can engage with your candidates better.

DAY 13-15

Configure Assessments

You are now good to go! Start configuring assessments as per your requirement. Our team will closely work with you to provide any assistance during your first setup.

DAY 16-20

Invite Candidates

Now that the assessment is configured - invite candidates and provide them with an experience they will never forget.

DAY 25-30


Now that the assessments have been completed by candidates, it's time you set up the panel to review it. You can do it well in advance, mark your calendar, and forget all about it until the day arrives.

DAY 31-35

Schedule Live Interview

Once you have shortlisted candidates from the assessment review, push them to the live interview to get better insights.Schedule live interview for those candidates and find out who's worth working for you.

DAY 40-45

Recruitment Analytics

Put together all that Talview suite offers to you and infer insights with the rich dashboards and MIS reports. Data points generated during the interview helps companies improve candidate application filtering.

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